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Attract customers with Pik Pik POW!’s shop signs. From vibrant illuminated displays to sleek metal or acrylic lettering, we ensure visibility and impact.

Welcome to, your premier destination for top-quality shop signs in the UK. Elevate your storefront with our expertly crafted signage that captures attention and effectively communicates your brand’s message. From eye-catching window displays to captivating outdoor signs, we specialise in creating custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

At PikPikPow, we’re committed to quality and innovation in everything we do. Our experienced team of designers and craftsmen work tirelessly to deliver signage solutions that make a lasting impression. Using the latest technology and premium materials, we ensure your shop signs not only look stunning but also stand the test of time. Partner with us to manufacture your shop sign and take the first step toward creating something extraordinary for your business.

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We’ve streamlined the decision making process by categorising signs into standard and illuminated.

Sign Trays

Sign trays allow for deeper, more substantial signs, ensuring your message stands out with durability and style. Great for not showing fixings. Can be printed direct or vinyled.

Sign Panels

Crafted from premium materials like aluminium and acrylic, these panels offer durability and sophistication,  Often, sign panels offer a more cost effective approach. Can be printed direct or vinyled.


3D lettering in acrylic, aluminium, PVC or stainless steel, ensuring standout depth and style tailored to your preferences. For a cost-conscious approach without compromising impact, flat cut letters offer versatility in materials and design.

Flex Face

Flex Face Signs distinguish themselves with unparalleled size versatility. Whether it’s a sprawling outdoor advertisement or a discreet indoor branding message, these signs can be tailored to fit virtually any dimension.

Backlit Tray

Our illuminated sign trays are among our top sellers, prized for their versatility and affordability. Crafted from folded aluminum or steel trays, these signs feature stencil-cut designs backed by high-quality opal acrylic, illuminated by energy-efficient LED modules for a brilliant and cost-effective solution.


Our wall-mounted lightbox signs ensure high visibility, especially in the dark, and can be customised to your precise dimensions. Illuminated by long-lasting, energy-efficient LED modules, these signs offer low-voltage brilliance. Choose from a silver anodized finish or powder coating in any standard RAL color for a tailored look.

Backlit Flex

Elevate your signage game with our Illuminated Flex Face Signs, taking the versatility and adaptability of standard Flex Face Signs to new heights. By integrating LED lighting within the housing, these signs not only ensure enhanced visibility day and night but also add a dynamic dimension to your branding efforts. Illuminate your message with style and impact.


Halo illuminated 3D lettering stands out for its striking effect, favoured across various businesses like commercial spaces, restaurants, and shops. Each bespoke letter is fitted with LED modules, casting a halo effect behind, enhancing visibility and allure. Choose from a range of lighting colors, including dynamic color-changing LEDs.

Face Illuminated 3D

Illuminate your business around the clock with face-illuminated 3D lettering, ideal for hospitality, shop fronts, and offices. Adding visual impact to your facade, these signs ensure your business shines day and night. We utilise high-brightness, low-wattage LED modules for exceptional illumination and cost-effectiveness.

Neon / Neon Effect LED

We handcraft our neon signs using custom-made traditional neon encased in acrylic for easy and secure installation. Operating with the energy efficiency of a standard 60w lightbulb, these signs boast a lifespan of over 10 years. Each sign comes with a standard three-pin plug for simple mains connection. Available in a range of profiles and depths, our LED neon effect signs offer low-voltage LEDs that remain cool to the touch, ensuring safety in any environment.

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