At Pik Pik Pow we can make signs from a variety of materials depending on your usage. We can go from temporary signs using Corex to signs that will last a number of years using Aluminium Composite, not to mention the very eco-conscious wood!


Boards to choose from

We have a variety of substrates available for crafting your bespoke signage:

PVC foam is a lightweight, durable material perfect for signage, offering versatility, excellent printability, and resistance to weather conditions.

Aluminum composite, lightweight and durable, is a preferred material for signage due to its weather resistance, versatility, and professional appearance.

Wood for signage exudes rustic charm and durability, ideal for conveying timeless messages in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Corex/Polyprop is durable, versatile, and cost-effective material for signage, ideal for outdoor displays and temporary messaging with excellent printability.

Acrylic, a transparent and durable material, is ideal for signage due to its sleek appearance, UV resistance, and ease of customisation.

Acrylic mirror, a reflective material, enhances signage with lightweight, shatter-resistant properties, offering clarity and visual appeal for diverse applications.

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